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Sonakshi Srivastava


I am a freelance writer and am studying to be an animal geographer. Animals have shaped us and we are continuing to shape their lives in incredible and terrible ways. I hope to celebrate the incredible ones and bring attention to the terrible ones. 

I have lived in a few countries and worked in a variety of industries (the highlights are listed below). All these dynamic experiences have shaped me into someone who can think on their feet, is flexible and open to new opportunities. Please get in touch if you have have any suitable opportunities for me especially writing related. 



Master of Science, University of Oxford  


Nature, Society and Environmental Governance 

Bachelor of Arts, The University of Hong Kong (HKU) 

2012 - 2016 

Majors - Comparative Literature and Media and Culture Studies



I have volunteered, interned and worked in with the following organisations: 

- Windscreen Network, UK  

- Sentient Media, USA

- Elephant Livelihood Initiative and Environment (ELIE), 


The University of Hong Kong (HKU), Hong Kong

- International Literary Festival, Hong Kong

- Cheetah Outreach, South Africa

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